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VS-P17: L90RZ028 (11389)

VS-P17: L90RZ028 (11389)


Multiple conditions apply, as listed below.



L90RZ028 (11389)

Development Condition Text

L90RZ028 (Ordinance 11389)

1. Use of the property shall be limited to office/manufacturing. Development of the property shall be limited to this permitted use and ancillary, accessory or appurtenant use, structures or other improvements.

2. Half-street frontage improvements shall be constructed to Rural Industrial Access Street standards per King County Road Standards. This construction standard requires improvements to 103rd Avenue Southwest from the south property line of the subject property to Southwest 178th Street, and improvements to Southwest 178th Street from 103rd Avenue Southwest east to the existing pavement edge.

3. The new roadway shall be paved, with a minimum 20-foot travelway and an 8-foot gravel shoulder, unless a variance to construct less than these standards is approved by the King County Road Engineer.



Effective Date

August 18, 1997



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