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VS-P18: L91RZ006 (11024)

VS-P18: L91RZ006 (11024)


Multiple conditions apply, as listed below.



L91RZ006 (11024)

Development Condition Text

L91RZ006 (Ordinance 11024)

1. _The 20' wide Type I landscape perimeter buffer required by KCC 21A.16.060 shall be located adjacent to those parcel A boundaries shared with R-classified abutting properties

_A. _The Type I landscape buffer is required along all boundaries of Parcel A which abut single-family residentially classified property, except those boundaries adjacent to that portion of the Vashon Co-Housing Group ownership which is set aside as wetland/buffer.

_B. _Along the north stem of the proposed gravel surface access road, the applicant's conceptual site plan shows no landscaping. That site plan deficiency must be remedied consistent with KCC 21A.16 prior to final site plan approval. This requirement may present a conflict with the division's September 23, 1991 Sensitive Areas Variance decision, which may require revision of that Sensitive Areas Variance decision prior to final site plan approval.

_C. _The applicant's preferred conceptual site plan (Exhibit No. 4) does not clearly indicate whether Type I landscaping is proposed along the south and west boundaries abutting Tax Lot 140 in addition to that landscaping shown in Exhibit No. 4. The same standard landscaping is required along all of those boundaries.

_D. _A landscape maintenance bond may be required consistent with standard Division procedures.

_E. _See also Condition No. 5.A., below.

2._Prior to final construction approval, the boundary between sensitive areas and adjacent lands abutting those sensitive areas shall be permanently fenced. Fencing details shall be shown on approved building plans.

3._The following conditions apply to Parcels B and C:

_A._Use of Parcels B and C shall be limited solely to residential or medical clinic.

_B._If developed as residential property, the residential development density of Parcels B and C shall be based upon the buildable lot area circumscribed by the Parcel B and C boundaries as shown on Exhibit Nos. 4 and 7.

_C._If developed residentially, a new site plan review consistent with KCC 16.04.052 shall be required for Parcels B and C, consistent with all applicable then-current County standards and these site plan review conditions.

_D._If developed as a medical clinic, then a conditional use permit shall be required. Conditional use permit approval shall be construed as satisfying any site plan approval requirement, provided that the conditional use permit otherwise complies with those review standards and conditions contained here which are applicable.

4._Prior to site plan approval, the applicant shall obtain a tax lot segregation change from the Department of Assessments which merges (consolidates) Tax Lot Nos. 37, 7, 54 and 80 into one tax lot.

_A._Prior to each building permit or site plan approval (for the first or any subsequent development phase), the applicant shall demonstrate that the wetland/buffer areas excluded from this reclassification are not segregated into any separate tax parcel.

_B._Prior to each building permit or site plan approval (or conditional use permit approval), the applicant shall demonstrate that Parcels B and C are not segregated as separate tax parcels unless subdivision or short subdivision approval is first obtained.

_C._Parcels B and C shall not be sold or leased without short subdivision or subdivision approval.

_D._The subject property shall not be subdivided or short subdivided for any reason except to enable the lease or sale of Parcels B and C.


5._Phasing of variance improvement requirements (such as roadway surfacing, utilities, installation, provision of fire truck turnaround, etc.) shall be consistent with then-current review standards.

_A._Landscaping along the abutting boundaries of Tax Lot Nos. 140 and 149 shall be installed as a final construction approval requirement for the second duplex.

_B._Compliance with these site plan approval conditions shall be assured at each phase of development, except that modifications may be approved subject to Condition No. 6, below.

6._The approved site plan may be modified upon submittal of subsequent development phases, subject to the following rules:

_A._Modifications shall not result in an increase of impervious surface greater than 10% over that indicated by Exhibit No. 4.

_B._Modifications shall not increase the dwelling unit density. Eighteen dwelling units are permitted in Parcel A. See Condition No. 3.B. (regarding Parcels B and C).



Effective Date

August 18, 1997



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