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VS-P28: Vashon Town Plan - Town Core

VS-P28: Vashon Town Plan - Town Core


Multiple conditions apply, as listed below.


Amended by Ord. 15244, 08/11/2005 (Map)


Vashon Town Plan - Town Core

Development Condition Text

Vashon Town Plan - Town Core (Source: Vashon Town Plan - Ordinance 12395, August 12, 1996)

The following P-Suffix conditions shall apply to uses locating within the Town Core designation:

1._Buildings fronting on streets, parking lots and pedestrian ways shall meet the following criteria:

_A. Buildings shall not be set back over 10 feet from property lines, except to provide for landscaping, courtyards and other pedestrian or seating areas, and outdoor eating areas.

_B. An exterior deck shall be required on the second floor of new mixed use buildings for each residential unit within the building, excluding those units facing north. Each deck shall have a minimum dimension of six feet (depth) by ten feet (width).

_C. Building height shall not exceed two stories or a maximum of 35 feet as measured by K.C.C. 21A.12.050(C).

_D. Building wall facing a primary pedestrian street shall have openings comprising not less than 60% of the width facing the street. No more than 20 feet of continuous width shall be without openings. Eligible openings include windows, doors, or other openings which provide vision through the wall starting no higher than 42 inches and stopping no lower than 72 inches above the adjacent floor line nearest grade.

_E. Walkways internal to a private development shall connect to public walkways.

_F. Building facades which occupy the full width of street frontages are preferred. Where facade continuity is interrupted by a parking lot(s) or lot entrance(s), such parking lots or entrances shall not occupy more than the lesser of 60 feet or 30% of the lot width in the first 60 feet of street-abutting lot depth, provided this limitation may be increased by up to 15 feet to provide sidewalks and entrance landscaping.

2._New developments or alterations to an existing building which are valued in excess of 50% of the prealteration assessed value, shall provide at least two of the following public features:

_A. Street trees with planting areas (spacing and specie consistent with existing street trees).

_B. Roof or canopies shall be provided over at least a 5 foot width of building-abutting sidewalk along the full length of at least one facade of the building.

_C. Covered facade indentations adjacent to public sidewalks shall occur at least once every 50 feet of street frontage and each indentation shall have an area of at least 64 square feet with a depth of at least 6 feet.

_D. Mid-block pedestrian connections, a minimum of 8 feet wide, connecting the public sidewalk with another street, alley or other public space.

_E. Street furniture providing at least 4 seats for every 100 feet of frontage.



Effective Date

August 18, 1997


Amended by Ord. 15244, 08/11/2005 (Map)

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