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VS-P29: Vashon Town Plan - Restricted Uses for CB Zoned Properties

VS-P29: Vashon Town Plan - Restricted Uses for CB Zoned Properties


Property with Community Business zoning shall be restricted to the listed specific land uses as set forth in Chapter K.C.C. 21A.08.


Amended by Ord. 17842, 07/07/2014 (Language)


Vashon Town Plan - Restricted Uses for CB Zoned Properties

Development Condition Text

Restricted Uses for Community Business-Zoned Properties - P-suffix condition (Source: Vashon Town Plan - Ordinance 12395, August 12, 1996, as amended)

Property with Community Business zoning shall be restricted to the following specific land uses as set forth in Chapter K.C.C. 21A.08.

For any use requiring a Conditional Use Permit that is located on property listed by the Washington State Department of Ecology as a known or suspected contaminated site, the Conditional Use Permit shall be conditioned to ensure that the property owner obtains and submits a No Further Action letter for the subject properly or demonstrates that timely progress is being made toward obtaining a No Further Action letter. If the property owner does not demonstrate timely progress towards obtaining a No Further Action letter, the permit conditions shall be enforced, up to a potential revocation of the Conditional Use Permit.

Residential Land Uses

DWELLING UNITS, TYPES: Townhouse; Apartment**.

GROUP RESIDENCES: Community residential facility -I; Community residential facility - II; Senior citizen assisted housing.

ACCESSORY USES: Home occupation.

TEMPORARY LODGING: Hotel/Motel, Bed and breakfast guesthouse.

Recreational/Cultural Land Uses


AMUSEMENT/ENTERTAINMENT: Theater, Plays/Theatrical production, Bowling center, Sports club.

CULTURAL: Library, Museum, Arboretum, Conference Center

General Services Land Uses

PERSONAL SERVICES: General Personal Service; Funeral Home/Crematory; Day care I; Day care II; Veterinary Clinic; Automotive repair; Miscellaneous repair; Churches, synagogue, temple; Social Services; Kennel or Cattery.

HEALTH SERVICES: Office/Outpatient Clinic; Nursing and personal care facilities; Hospital; Medical/Dental Lab.

EDUCATION SERVICES: Secondary or High School; Specialized Instruction School; Interim Recycling Facility.

Government/Business Service Land Uses

GOVERNMENT SERVICES: Public agency or utility office; Police Facility; Utility Facility; Private Stormwater Management Facility.

BUSINESS SERVICES: Individual Transportation and Taxi; Trucking and courier Service; Self-service Storage; Passenger Transportation Service; Telegraph and other Communications (excluding towers); General Business Service; Professional Office; Miscellaneous Equipment Rental; Automotive Parking; Commercial/Industrial Accessory Uses (Administrative. offices, employee exercise & food service facilities, storage of agricultural raw materials or products manufactured on site, owner/caretaker residence, grounds maintenance).


Building, Hardware and Garden Materials; Department and Variety Store; Food Stores; Auto Supply Stores; Apparel and Accessory Stores; Furniture and Home Furnishings Stores; Eating and Drinking Places; Remote Tasting Rooms; Drug Stores; Liquor Stores; Uses Goods: Antiques/Secondhand Shops; Sporting Goods and related Stores; Book, Stationery, Video and Art Supply Stores; Jewelry Stores; Hobby, Toy Game Shops; Photographic and Electronic Shops; Fabric Shops; Florist Shops; Personal Medical Supply Stores; Pet Shops.

  Recreational marijuana retailer, subject to K.C.C. 21A.08070 and applicable state law.


Recreational marijuana processor I, subject to K.C.C. 21A.08.080 and applicable state law.

Printing and Publishing.

Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries, subject to K.C.C. 21A.08.080


Recreational marijuana producer, subject to K.C.C. 21A.08.90 and applicable state law. 


Wastewater Treatment Facility; Transit Park and Ride Lot.

**Residential density for mixed use development in Community Business zone shall not exceed eight units per acre.


Adopted by Ord. 12824, 08/18/1997

Amended by Ord. 17842, 07/07/2014 (Language)

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