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Neighborhood Pop-Up - Fares & ORCA Passes

Neighborhood Pop-Up

King County Metro Neighborhood Pop-Up brings Metro information, ORCA card services, and more, to customers throughout King County.

During a Neighborhood Pop-Up event, our Metro team will:

  • Provide assistance with:
    • Getting a new Adult ORCA Card.
    • Getting a new Senior and Disabled Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFPs).
    • Replace lost or damaged cards.
    • Adding fare products and value to existing ORCA cards.
    • Provide guidance on how to best use an ORCA card.
  • Answer questions about the regional transit system.
  • Provide information about new Metro services.
  • Listen to feedback and share it with Metro planners.
  • Partner with community organizations to bring additional services to you.

Attend an In-Person Pop-Up

In-Person Events are currently suspended due to COVID-19. Please contact us by email.

How are we doing?

We are constantly seeking to improve and value your input. Please use our comment form to submit your feedback.

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