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Transit Service to Husky Football Games

UW Husky Football

Depending on their starting point in Metro’s service area, Husky football fans have several options for getting to and from weekend home games. Transit options include: contracted Metro shuttles from four eastside park & ride lots, contracted non-Metro shuttles from two other park & ride lots, Sound Transit Link light rail, Metro buses that connect with Link, and regular Metro bus service that travels near the stadium.

For complete game-day transportation information, visit the Huskies gameday transportation website.

Park & ride express shuttle bus service

Contracted Metro shuttle buses operate express shuttle service on Husky home game days from four designated park and ride lots.

With the purchase of a season or game day pass, fans can park in the Park & Ride lots and travel stress-free to and from Husky Stadium.

After the game, pass holders can board buses in front of the stadium for the return trip.

To the game

Metro provides shuttle service from the following park & ride (P&R) lots to Husky Stadium (Friday, Nov. 4, service will operate to/from only Houghton P&R):

Non-stop Husky service leaves from the park & ride lots as buses fill, starting approximately two hours before game time and until 45 minutes before kickoff.

Buses will be filled to seated capacity and every effort will be made to accommodate all Husky customers. However, fans are encouraged to allow plenty of time to get to the games, due to expected traffic and congestion.

Fans who miss the last P&R Shuttle may ride regular transit service.

From the game

Following the game, buses depart from designated locations near Husky Stadium. Buses begin postgame operation during the 4th quarter. Color-coded destination signs are in the front and side windows on each bus.

Pedestrians leaving Husky Stadium are encouraged to use the elevated walkway over Montlake Blvd E for safety, to help relieve street congestion and to keep traffic moving.

The last P&R Shuttles leave Husky Stadium 30 minutes after the end of the game.

From all other locations and at all other times, ride regular transit service—including Link light rail—to and from Husky games.

Park & ride shuttle fares

Season ticket holders can purchase season bus passes in advance for $70 by logging into their account here or by contacting the Husky Ticket Office at (206) 543-2200. Fans will receive their season bus pass in the mail along with their football season tickets. Season bus passes are only valid for the six (6) Saturday home games in 2022. The Friday, November 4th game vs. Oregon State will be sold separately.Fans may purchase a season bus pass or a single-game bus pass for the Eastgate, Houghton / Kingsgate, and South Kirkland routes.

Single-game bus passes may be purchased online for $16 per game and in advance no later than the Friday before each game. No cash, ORCA cards or other regular transit fares are accepted for this service.

Regular Metro bus service

Plan a transit trip

Plan a trip to Husky Stadium from anywhere in the region. Enter your trip's point of origin and your travel time and you'll receive a detailed itinerary telling you what mode(s) of travel to use, where and when to board, transfer if needed and exit, as well as how much it will cost.


Metro bus routes 31, 32, 44, 45, 48, 49, 65, 67, 70, 73, 75, 271 and 372, and Sound Transit Express Route 542 serve the University of Washington area, and, for many fans, go within walking distance of the stadium, even when they are rerouted. Metro plans to have a handful of additional trips to assist with post-game demand on routes 44, 65, 75, 271, 372 and ST Express 542.

Bus service is rerouted during Husky games

Except for routes 48, 271 and ST Express 542, buses that normally travel near Husky stadium are rerouted during Husky football games, however many fans are still able to walk from the rerouted service.

Visit Metro’s Service Advisories page for reroute information prior to each game.

Fares, ORCA and Transit GO Tickets

UW shuttles: Fans may purchase a season bus pass or a single-game bus pass for the Eastgate, Houghton / Kingsgate, and South Kirkland routes. Single-game bus passes may be purchased for $16 per game online and in advance no later than the Friday before each game.

Regular Metro service: Unless otherwise indicated, a valid fare is required upon boarding all regularly scheduled transit service. Pay regular fares with an ORCA card, UPASS, Transit GO Ticket or cash. Husky game tickets are not accepted as fare on any Metro transit service.

Link light rail 1 Line serves Husky Stadium at University of Washington Station from Northgate, Roosevelt, U District, Capitol Hill, downtown Seattle, Beacon Hill, the Rainier Valley, Tukwila, SeaTac Airport, and Angle Lake.