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Beavers - who to contact

Beavers - who to contact

This page contains resources and contact information for beaver-related questions in King County.

The following services by King County are available in unincorporated King County only. If you live in an incorporated area (inside city limits), you can find your city’s website from our Cities and Towns website.

Your topic or question Contact or resource

You have a beaver pond and want to know what to do about it. Start by looking at our Decision Flow Chart, which has a lot of contact information built into it.

King County beaver management 
Decision Flowchart 
(opens as 187 KB PDF)

You have a general question about beavers

Jen Vanderhoof, Senior Ecologist 
email Jen:

Questions or concerns related to publicly maintained roads in unincorporated King County, including flooding and potential risk trees.

Drainage issues in the road right of way, such as blocked culverts or unmaintained ditches.

King County 
Roads Services

Roads 24/7 Help Line



Questions or concerns about flooding, drainage, water quality, erosion, or sedimentation affecting private property in unincorporated King County.

How to report water that is in places it normally isn’t or related issues (drainage or water quality problems).

Drainage and water quality investigations

Help line:

Information on King County land use permits.

King County
Land Use Permits

Apply for a King County Clearing and Grading permit.

King County 
Clearing and Grading Permit

The following information and contacts are applicable in King County and beyond.

Your topic or question Contact or resource

General questions or concerns about wildlife.

Report poaching.

Questions about trapping.

Contact a WDFW District Wildlife Biologist

425-775-1311, Ext. 111

Information on Washington state permitting requirements for work done in streams and waterways.

WDFW Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA)

Help with installing pond levelers and other beaver devices as a solution for coexsting with the beavers on your land.

Beavers Northwest, a local non-profit.

Assistance with HPAs.

WDFW Habitat Biologists, which you can identify on WDFW's
Areas of Responsibility Map

Live trapping and relocation services.

Permitted beaver relocators in Washington

In addition to the beaver relocators listed on WDFW's website, Tulalip Beaver Project also relocate beavers

Hiring trappers that are certified Wildlife Control Operators (WCO).

Hiring a Wildlife Control Operator 

List of Nuisance WCOs in Washington

General information about beaver relocation in Washington.

WDFW Beaver Relocation

Or email them at: