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TDR Exchange

TDR Exchange

Transfer of Development Rights

The TDR Exchange is intended to facilitate the purchase and sale of Transferable Development Rights in King County, and is for use by and between TDR certificate holders (owners) and potential buyers (often developers).

Just as with other commodity markets like food and oil, the Transfer of Developments or "TDR" market, is driven by supply and demand. Landowners of property considered sending sites create the supply of development rights when they choose to put a conservation easement on their property in exchange for TDRs to sell and transfer to other areas. Developers using development rights to increase density at receiving sites create the demand. 

Before utilizing the TDR Exchange, please read about our program and then see the Market Information page.

Registration is NOT required to view general information about TDRs for sale and wanted listings. If you are interested in following market activity or reviewing listing, but do not intend to participate in the purchase and sale of TDRs in King County, please do not register. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, contact a TDR Program staff member.

Registration IS required if you wish to do any of the following:
Post TDRs for sale or wanted.
See additional details about each listing.
Contact buyers or sellers directly regarding purchase or sale of TDRs.

NOTE TO SEATTLE TDR PARTICIPANTS: If you are interested in acquiring and using King County TDRs in the City of Seattle, please contact TDR Program staff before registering for the Exchange.


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Download Purchase and Sales Agreement Template (MS Word .docx 23Kb)


The following terms and conditions apply to the TDR Exchange site:

All activity on this site, including but not limited to registration information, for sale and wanted postings, and offers will be available for King County TDR program staff to review.

We will not share any of your personal information with anyone other than King County TDR staff.

King County TDR Program staff reserve the right to delete user accounts, individual postings, or any other inappropriate content.

NOTE: You may wish to consider the most recent available market transactions data prior to posting here.

IMPORTANT: Information presented here is not legally binding, and King County does not confirm its accuracy or validity.

To help you understand and participate in the TDR market, the King County TDR program offers:

For questions about the TDR Program, please contact Nicholas Bratton, TDR Program Manager, or Anne-Gigi Chan, Land Conservation Project Manager, King County WLRD Rural and Regional Services Section.