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Landslide hazards along King County river corridors

Landslide hazards along King County river corridors

Landslides are present across King County and vary in their characteristics. King County now has new, updated mapping of potential landslide hazard areas along the river valley walls and floodplains. This web page provides a portal to and introduction to the types of landslide hazards found in King County, the methods used to map the evidence of past landsliding, and to map areas where landslides could potentially occur. The final products resulting from this work include GIS datasets and an accompanying report.

Click on the map layers in the viewer window to see the different types of potential landslide hazards identified within the study limits and additional features related to deep seated landslides (e.g. watercourses identified on a landslide, or the toe of a landslide along a river bank). Detailed information about each layer on this map is found in the report.

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