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What Is GIS?

What Is GIS?

One-Hour Workshop
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Welcome to the “Geospatial Revolution!” This one-hour workshop provides a concise overview of the fundamental components and business uses of Geographic Information Systems—GIS. Attendees learn how GIS combines geographic theory, information technology, and system integration practices to transform business processes within King County. In simple terms we demonstrate how any agency, company, or individual can benefit from GIS and join the geospatial revolution.


What Is GIS? is for managers, administrators, professionals, and anyone who would like to learn how GIS can help their agency, business, private life, or personal career development.


  • Learn what GIS is and what it can do.
  • Discover the components of GIS.
  • Understand how GIS can process data to solve business problems.
  • See a variety of real-world business and daily-life applications for GIS.

Topics Covered

  • Fundamental GIS concepts
  • Typical GIS applications
  • The relationship between data, information, and knowledge
  • Integrating data with GIS
  • How GIS works in King County
  • 20 things that GIS can do
  • How you can put GIS to work 

Prerequisites and Recommendations

An open and inquiring mind.