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Transit System Impacts

The Metro Transit System Impacts Group serves as the first point-of-contact at Metro Transit for public or private contractors, including city, state or other government agencies planning construction projects that may impact Metro transit or the Seattle Streetcar service or properties.

Construction notification is required

In accordance with the Metro Transit System Impacts Office, it is mandatory to provide construction notification. We particularly focus on construction activities that could affect Metro transit or Seattle Streetcar Operations, such as requests for trolley or streetcar overhead outages, special events with transit implications, or any situation affecting transit routes, bus stops, facilities, or properties.

Guidelines for advanced notice

Please reach out to us via email in advance of your event to gather insights on how your project might impact Transit Operations. This proactive step helps us guide you through the submission process for street use permits and special event permits, ensuring compliance with our requirements. Detailed information can be found in the forms and resources section.

Event description Minimum advanced notice
Street closures or transit detours to accommodate construction. 10 business days
Short term bus stop moves that impacts our facilities or might require a shelter move. 5 business days
Long term Bus stop moves that impacts our facilities or might require a shelter move. 30 business days
Phase changes and re-starts of existing projects. 10 business days
Deactivation of trolley bus overhead (Saturdays and Sundays only) 15 business days
Deactivation of streetcar overhead or streetcar track ROW access (during non-revenue hours) 15 business days
Trolley or Streetcar wire modification requests (subject to design approval and infrastructure inspection and acceptance) 20 business days
Motorization of electric trolley buses without deactivation of any overhead lines (Saturdays and Sundays only) 5 business days

How to request trolley overhead deactivation

  • Submit completed TOH deactivation form

    The contractor submits completed TOH deactivation form to System Impacts via email (

    Download the form

  • Receive invoice for deactivation fee (if not exempt)

    If the contractor is not exempt, King County Accounts Receivable (AR) sends an invoice for the deactivation fee to the contractor.

  • Pay the deactivation fee

    The contractor submits the cash or check payment in person to King County Finance & Business Operations Division.

  • Request processed

    Trolley Impacts processes the request and sends the approved form to the contractor.

  • Receive invoice for deactivation charges

    King County Power & Facilities sends an invoice to the contractor for the deactivation charges.

How to cancel a request

  • Notification of Trolley Impacts

    The contractor notifies the Trolley Impacts of cancellation.

  • Power Distribution and Accounts Receivable are notified

    Trolley Impacts notifies Power Distribution and AR of the cancellation. If the notification is made prior to the deadline, AR will issue a 50% refund of the TOH deactivation fee. Cancellations received after the deadline result in forfeiture of the fee.


Two weeks prior to weekend of deactivation

  • Monday 9 am: Cancellation of TOH deactivation requests for 100% refund.

The week of the deactivation

  • Monday 10 am: Fee payment submitted to AR.
  • Thursday 4 pm: Cancellation of TOH deactivation requests for 50% refund.

Fee payment

Effective April 16, 2012, King County Ordinance 16943 requires prepayment of a $1000.00 fee before trolley overhead (TOH) deactivation requests can be fulfilled. Exceptions: "Some work done in association with SDOT projects is exempt." Check with Trolley Impacts for additional information.

Fee Payment Location
Department of Executive Services
Finance & Business Operations Division
500 4th Avenue, Room 620
Seattle, WA 98104

Contact information

Construction Impacts

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Special Events Impacts

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Comfort Stations Impacts

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