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Information by project type



King County Zoning: does not apply

Development Conditions: does not apply

Water District: does not apply

Sewer District: does not apply

Water & Sewer District: does not apply

Fire District: does not apply

School District: does not apply

It can be difficult to track down the information you need in the King County Code, so we’ve created a series of handouts and bulletins that consolidate the regulations and guidelines for some common Permitting topics.

Many of these are found by going to the Permits Info Sheets & Forms web page where you can access an alphabetical list of forms and forms by packets and project type.

Where noted below, links will take you to the page where you can select the corresponding publication.


Drainage/surface water variances (see Bulletin 34B)

Boundary line adjustment (see packet)

Right-of-way use (see Bulletin 31)

Road variances (see Bulletin 34A)

Zoning/Land Use

Subdivision (see Land Use - Subdivisions packet)

Short subdivision (see Land Use - Short Subdivisions packet)

Rezones (see packet)

Residential Accessory Dwelling Units

Home businesses (see Bulletin 43A)

Agricultural buildings (see Bulletin 58)

Horses/livestock (see Bulletin 41A)

Clearing and Grading

Clearing & grading permits (see Bulletin 28)

State Environmental Policy Act (see Clearing & Grading packet)


Fire permits for special events (see Fire Permits packet)

Fire access requirements (see Fire Permits packet)

Sprinkler requirements (see Fire Permits packet)

Fire district receipts (see Fire Permits packet)