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Information about aircraft registration


A reminder from the Washington State Department of Transportation for owners needing to register their aircraft with the FAA or the state.


This letter from the Washington State Department of Transportation, copied below, is provided as a courtesy to aircraft owners

Spring has arrived and I hope you are able to enjoy the nice weather for flying. In regards to flying, I wanted to inform you about a recent trend that came to our attention.

When it is time to register your aircraft, either with Washington State or the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), please be sure to consider using official websites. There are third-party businesses offering to register your aircraft for you if you pay their additional fees. These websites may also appear to be just what you are looking for. Since we cannot verify the legitimacy of these sites, we recommend you use the FAA (federal registration) and WSDOT Aviation (state registration) sites for your security.

FAA registration is currently due every three years, at a cost of $5.00. You may find the FAA's forms: Aircraft Registration Application #AC 8050-1 and Aircraft Registration Renewal Application #AC 8050-IB on their website, For additional FAA information on aircraft registration and payment, you can go to

Washington State aircraft registration is due by January 1 every year, for that year, and the cost is based on the type of aircraft you own. You may find the state's registration information on the WSDOT Aviation website, The links to register your aircraft (if you have an account with us already); apply for an aircraft exemption; and other information on aircraft registration are located on this website in a blue colored box.

You may also call WSDOT Aviation, 360-709-8015, for assistance with federal or state registration as well as other aviation related questions.

David Fleckenstein
Director, WSDOT Aviation

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