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IslandWood partners with King County to provide exceptional learning experiences for community members at the Brightwater Education Center. At Brightwater, IslandWood engages students, teachers and families in experiential and project-based fieldwork that appeals to diverse learning styles and interests. Field trips can accommodate up to 60 students per day, last 4 hours, and are free of charge. Teachers can choose from the following program options:

In this field program, students investigate the role of freshwater ecosystems in their communities. They develop an understanding of whom and what lives in and around our ponds, how people use, impact, and change them, and how the ponds help us manage stormwater. Register here

In this field program, students actively engage in the engineering design process to tackle stormwater engineering problems. Students investigate the design of Brightwater’s streams, ponds, hills, and wetlands to gather data that will help them develop solutions.  Register here

In this unit, students will learn how the choices they make on a daily basis impact the water cycle. We’ll explore the state-of-the art Brightwater Cleanwater Treatment Facility and see how engineers have designed a system to clean our water and protect human and environmental health.  Register here

Home school groups, Scout troops, and other non-school-affiliated groups of children ages 9 and over, should register for an upcoming Saturday general public treatment plant tour. Visit the Brightwater Center events page for a list of upcoming tour opportunities.
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Register for a field trip online, via the Islandwood website.
Learn about King County's Wheels to Water Program, which provides field trip bus transportation to Brightwater for qualifying schools.
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Derek Jones, Islandwood Brightwater Program Coordinator