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Family Exploration of Brightwater Trails and Natural Area – Join IslandWood educators in a series of fun exploratory videos of Brightwater. Print a field journal and come visit the trails/natural area, which are open to the public dawn until dusk each day.

The Brightwater Center and open space is King County’s promise to its neighbors that the state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant is a community amenity.

Three miles of public trails connect the Brightwater Center to the art, restored riparian habitat, and stormwater treatment landscapes.

In addition, the Brightwater Center landscape contains:

Salmon habitat and wetlands
  • 43 acres of restored salmon habitat, wetlands and reforestation area;
  • 29,000 square feet of pond habitat
  • 1,300 feet of restored stream corridor
  • 350 feet of created stream corridor
  • A natural storm water filtration that improved quality of flows to Little Bear Creek
  • An amphibian shelf and ladder system built between two open wetland systems
Native plants and vegetation
  • 300,000 native plants on site
  • 70 acres of landscaped open space & wildlife habitat devoted to public open space
  • Mature vegetation that was retained throughout the site
  • 200 trees and root wads re-used from the site and the Route 9 construction project

The Brightwater Center is also an Audubon annual bird count location.

White-crowned sparrow at Brightwater
White-crowned sparrow at Brightwater

White-crowned sparrow at Brightwater
Salal flowers
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