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King County provides a comprehensive report on implementation of its Strategic Climate Action Plan each two years. In the interim years (including for progress achieved in 2016), a snapshot of performance measures is reported. See below for these updates. The next comprehensive report will be posted to this webpage in June 2018. Stay tuned!

Performance Update - 2016 Snapshot

2016 saw important progress across King County’s Strategic Climate Actin Plan goal areas. See below highlights or explore two page performance updates documents for each “Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions” Goal Area.

  • Metro transit ridership continued near record levels, while the overall regional transit system saw the highest growth of transit use of any large U.S. metro area.
  • King County is on track to exceed its operational energy efficiency target and adopted a new working target that is 50% more aggressive.
  • The number of green building certified units across King County increased compared to recent years, but declined as a percentage of overall new residential development.
  • King County increased the amount of materials recycled at transfer stations by more than 40%.
  • King County and partners planted 117,925 trees and are ramping up a number of large-scale planting projects towards the Million Trees goal.

2015 Strategic Climate Action Plan Annual Report

The 2015 Annual Report provided a comprehensive update on implementation of King County’s Strategic Climate Action Plan. Please download the report to learn the details. An updated version of this report will be posted by June 2018 for progress through 2017.