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DNRP 2014 Performance Measures

These measures present the degree that DNRP programs are achieving their stated targets. Because of the breadth of DNRP programs, the department's goals and performance measures address topics that are environmental, social and fiscal in nature.

DNRP distinguishes between environmental indicators and performance measures based on the degree of the agency's influence. Measures that have many contributing factors are included as indicators, while measures that are strongly influenced by DNRP policies, programs, and practices are considered performance measures.

Performance Measures

DNRP organizes performance measures under its three goal areas:

Under each goal are four to six objectives, or roll-up measures, each of which has a pie chart for a quick summary of performance in this area. Below the summary/roll-ups are details of individual measures and, where relevant, technical notes with specific information about data sources or anomalies with the measure information.

Results on DNRP performance measures use a simple red/yellow/green/gray designation, where:

  • Green signifies meeting or exceeding a stated target;
  • Yellow signifies results within 10 percent of the target;
  • Red signifies the need for improvement; and
  • Gray signifies insufficient data at this time.

DNRP 2014 PERFORMANCE MEASURESPERFORMANCEMEASURESKEYMeets or Exceeds TargetApproaching TargetNeeds ImprovementInsufficient Data at this Time Solid andHazardousWasteManagementResidentialdisposal ratesCompanydisposal ratesHazardous wasteprogramResidentialrecycling ResidentialStewardshipLevelsResidents’ yardcare behaviorsResidents’purchasingbehaviorsENVIRONMENT WastewaterResourceRecoveryBiosolidsReclaimedWaterBiogas ChinookSalmonRestorationProjectsCedarSnoqualmieGreenWhite Land andResourceConservationAcres inconservationstatusProgramenrollment Permit andFacilityComplianceWastewaterpermitcomplianceStormwaterpermitcomplianceSolid Wastefacilitycompliance RecreationViaPartnershipsStructuredRecreationalUsersNon-StructuredRecreationalUsersCommunityPartnershipsand Grants ParksSWDWLRDVolunteerism RegionalTrailAccessPercent ofresidents within1.5 miles ofa trail SWDWLRDWTDCustomerSatisfaction SWDWLRDWTDJurisdictionalPartnerships FloodProtectionNational FloodInsuranceProgram RatingAchievement ofWork ProgramTargetsPEOPLE AND COMMUNITIES ParksBusinessRevenue Rates andFeesWLRDWTD WTD SWD EfficiencyParksSWDWLRDWTD CapitalInvestmentParksSWDUser feesEnterpriserevenuesWLRDWTDFISCAL AND ECONOMICWorkforceDiversityEmployeeAndWorkplaceSafetyEmployeeSatisfaction& WorkplaceImprove-mentsLeadershipDevelopmentQUALITY WORKFORCE ClimateProtectionGreenhouse GasEmissionsResilience Energy PlanImplementa-tionRenewableEnergyVehicle FuelEnergyBuilding Energy GreenBuildingAchievementsDNRPDept. ofTransportationDept. ofExecutive Svcs.ENVIRONMENT: County Government Measures
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