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GOAL 4Quality Workforce WORKFORCE DIVERSITY LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT EMPLOYEE AND WORKPLACE SAFETY GOAL 3Fiscal and Economic RATES & FEESAgainst inflation and other jurisdictions SWD, WLR, WTD PARKS BUSINESS REVENUE User Fees, Enterprise Revenues EFFICIENCYOperational measures Parks, SWD, WLR, WTD CAPITAL INVESTMENTCompletion sched. Parks, SWD, WLR, WTD LOCAL FOOD ECOMONY· New acres in production· Acres in APD GOAL 2People and Communities FLOOD PROTECTION• National Flood Insurance Program rating• Work program implementation REGIONALTRAILACCESSPercent of residents within 1.5 miles RECREATIONVIA PARTNERSHIPS· Community match· Users served VOLUNTEERISMParks, SWD, WLR CUSTOMER SATISFACTIONSWD, WLR, WTD JURISDICTIONAL PARTNERSHIPSSWD, WLR, WTD EQUITY & SOCIAL JUSTICE DNRP Performance Measures and Results COUNTY GOVERNMENT MEASURES GOAL 1Environment GREEN BUILDINGACHIEVEMENTSDNRP, DOT, DES ENERGY PLAN IMPLE-MENTATION• Efficiency• Renewables STRATEGICCLIMATE ACTION PLAN• Greenhouse gas emissions• Resilience CHINOOK SALMON RESTORATION PROJECTS Cedar, Green, Snoqualmie, and White watersheds RESIDENTS’ STEWARDSHIP LEVELS• Yard care• Purchasing SOLID & HAZ. WASTE MGMT. • Res. disposal rates• Res. recycling• Co. disposal rates• Haz. waste program LAND & RESOURCE CONSERVATION • Stewardship incentive programs • Permanent conservation WASTEWATER RESOURCE RECOVERY• Reclaimed water• Biosolids• Biogas PERMIT/ FACILITY COMPLIANCE• Wastewater• Solid Waste• Stormwater KING COUNTYENVIRONMENTALAND COMMUNITYCONDITIONS Indicators of Environmental and Community Conditions CLIMATE CHANGE· Sea level change· Cascade snowpack· Air temperature· Onset of thermal stratification in large lakes· GHG emissions RESOURCE CONSUMPTION• Solid waste disposal and recycling• Green building• Building energy use HEALTH & SAFETY• Clean and safe surface water• Potable groundwater• Healthy affordable food access LAND & RESOURCES• Forest cover/ imperviousness• Agricultural• Forest protection/ production• Terrestrial biota AQUATIC ENVIRONMENT• Freshwater quality• Marine water quality• Water quantity• Aquatic biota• Shorelines• Sediment quality
Meets or exceeds standard, goal, or improved from prior yearsApproaching standard goal, or steady with prior yearsBelow standard, goal, or decline from prior yearsInsufficient data Indicators Key General Legend INDICATOR OR MEASURE Number and rating ofcomponents 2016 rating AcronymsDOT Department of TransportationFMD Facilities Management DivisionSWD Solid Waste DivisionWLRWater & Land Resources DivisionWTD Wastewater Treatment Division Meets or exceeds targetApproaches target (< 10% away from target)Needs improvement (>10% away from target)Insufficient data Performance Measures Key

Download PDF version of KingStat 2017 Performance Summary - 94Kb

DNRP Goals

Minimize waste and emissions, maximize resource re-use and recovery, foster environmental stewardship, promote conservation, and protect and restore habitats, ecological functions and aquatic conditions.

People and Communities
Protect and improve human health and safety, foster community-building and healthy living, and preserve and enhance historic properties.

Fiscal Responsibility
and Economic Vitality Support King County's prosperity and ensure ratepayer value through effective, efficient and equitable programs.

Quality Workforce
Develop and empower our most valuable asset — our employees; build internal capacity for excellence, equity and fairness in service delivery.