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2017 Rating Green
2016 Rating Green Performance Key

This roll-up measure summarizes the degree DNRP is achieving its Fiscal and Economic goal:

Support King County's economic development goals and ensure ratepayer value through effective, efficient and equitable program implementation.

2017 results

DNRP performance in 2017 approaches target in all four objectives of the Fiscal and Objectives of this goal:

  • Rates and Fees
  • Efficiency
  • Capital Investment
  • Entrepreneurial and Enterprise revenue.

Key influencing factors

For many years now, the Parks Division has been empowered to engage in "good-government" initiatives and embrace non-traditional ways of doing business. This transformation from a centrally funded service provider to an entrepreneurial, performance-driven organization has help ensure that parks serve to enhance communities and the region's high quality of life, even during tight fiscal times.

The Wastewater Treatment Division is just completing a 10 year productivity initiative program, a joint labor and management effort within the division that intended to save ratepayers as much as $67 million over 10 years. The program allows employee flexibility to apply some business practices used in private industry to cut operating costs, increase productivity and continue a high level of service and environmental protection for county residents.

The Solid Waste Division has evaluated a range of options to increase efficiencies in support of stable rates. Transfer stations have been reconfigured to reduce staffing requirements, while outreach and partnership efforts have led to higher levels of residential recycling and lower residential solid waste volumes.

Strategies going forward

All DNRP divisions will continue to explore and implement opportunities to increase operational efficiencies. Capital investments are being made with an eye toward energy efficiency and reducing operations and maintenance costs.

The Wastewater Treatment Division has expanded its pilot productivity initiative to include capital projects. The Solid Waste Division has plans to reduce contracting costs by bringing recyclable materials hauling in-house, while the Parks Division will continue building partnerships to enhance revenue generation and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

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