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2017 Rating Yellow
2016 Rating Green Performance Key

This roll-up measure summarizes the degree DNRP is achieving its People and Communities goal:

Protect and improve human health and safety; foster community building and healthy living; preserve and enhance historic properties; and build internal capacity for excellence, equity and fairness in service delivery.

2017 results

Areas under this goal where DNRP performed well:

  • Jurisdictional Partnerships
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Volunteerism

Areas under this goal where DNRP performance approaches target:

  • Flood Protection
  • Regional Trail Access
  • Recreation via Community Partnerships

Key influencing factors

Because DNRP is only one of many entities with influence over King County's community quality, collaborating with partners is essential to the department's mission. Cooperative relationships with cities and investments in new trails allow a high percentage of residents to have proximal access to King County's 175 miles of regional trails. Jurisdictional partnerships also contribute to flood program implementation.

Customer satisfaction has improved in part because program of DNRP has increasingly been learning about customer preferences and responding with improvements to drivers of satisfaction. Volunteerism rates have improved as programs make adjustments to better accommodate the interests of our diverse base of volunteers.

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