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2017 Rating Green
2016 Rating Yellow Performance Key

This roll-up measure summarizes the degree DNRP is achieving its Quality Workforce goal:

Develop and empower our most valuable asset — our employees; build internal capacity for excellence, equity and fairness in service delivery.

2017 results

In this goal, DNRP is creating new baseline measures and tracking progress toward four primary objectives:

  • Employee and workplace safety
  • Employee satisfaction and workplace improvements
  • Leadership development
  • Workforce diversity

Key influencing factors

DNRP invests programmatically in workforce and workplace enhancements, while facing significant challenges with an aging workforce. With a wide array of operational responsibilities, including wastewater treatment plant and solid waste transfer station operations, grounds and forest management, flood control and hazardous waste management, there is strong need and demand for safety training, technology support, and ongoing enhancements to communication and organizational practices.

DNRP University has been an effective format for delivering training to an array of administrative and field-based employees. Workplace safety and emergency management readiness are ongoing priorities, and resource needs assessments help keep staff equipped with the right tools for doing their jobs.

Divisions and programs have active processes for achieving the policy intent of King County's Equity and Social Justice Ordinance. To address equity and fairness in service delivery, programs are:

  • mapping how their actions bear on determinants of equity
  • reviewing equity considerations in capital programs, and
  • improving inclusiveness in community engagement.

ESJ Basic training is being delivered to employees, helping build our collective ability to apply available tools, including community engagement guide, translation program, equity impact review, and baseline determinants of equity.

Strategies going forward

All DNRP divisions will continue to improve workforce quality, enhance workplace safety, and build capacity for equity and fairness in service delivery.

DNRP's Leadership Initiative is supporting 360 degree surveys for Department and Division directors and managers, and expanded this service to include supervisors in 2014. To date, the return rate for reviewers asked to participate is over 92%. This service informs personalized development plans for building competencies identified as highest priority by those participating in 360 reviews.

To improve workforce diversity recruitment efforts are broadening their reach, minimum requirements barriers are being remedied and internal advancements are being fostered through more coordinated competency development.

Equity and Social Justice Basic Training will offered regularly, as well as training that supports the use of equity tools, including the translation program, community engagement guide, equity impact review, and determinants of equity.


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