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Conservation Futures 2017 applications for 2018 funding award


Bothell-King County – Wayne Golf Course-Sammamish River Parks and Open Space

Federal Way - East Hylebos Watershed Conservation Property Acquisitions

Issaquah - Open Space System

Kent - Clark Lake Park Expansion - Ruth property

Kent - McSorley Creek Wetland - Alia property

Kirkland - Juanita Heights Park Expansion and Trail Project

Lake Forest Park - SPU Property Acquisition and Conservation - 5 Acre Woods

Seattle - Broadview - Bitter Lake Open Space

Seattle - East Duwamish Greenspace 

Seattle - Genesee Park Addition

Seattle - Greenwood Park Addition

Seattle - Kiwanis Ravine Greenspace

Seattle - Northgate Urban Center Park

Seattle - Thornton Creek Natural Area - Little Brook

Seattle - West Duwamish Greenbelt

Snoqualmie - Snoqualmie Riverfront Reach Acquisition


Urban Homestead Foundation - Dakota Homestead (in Seattle)


KC - Big Beach

KC - Black Diamond Open Space Addition

KC - Cedar River - Mouth of Taylor Reach

KC - Cottage Lake - Cold Creek Natural Area Additions

KC - Cougar Mountain Park Additions

KC - Eastside Rail Corridor - Wilburton Gap

KC - Elliott Bridge Reach

KC - Emerald Necklace - Soaring Eagle Park Addition

KC - Enumclaw Forested Foothills Trailhead

KC - Farmland Acquisitions in the Lower Green APD

KC - Farmland Easements in the Enumclaw APD

KC - Frog Holler Forest

KC - Island Center Forest Additions

KC - Judd Creek

KC - Keevie Lake Acquisition

KC - Lower Newaukum Creek - GRNA

KC - Middle Bear Creek Natural Area Additions

KC - Middle Newaukum Creek and Wetland Preservation

KC - Mitchell Hill Forest Additions

KC - Patterson Creek Natural Area

KC - Pinnacle Peak Park Addition

KC - Point Heyer

KC - Protecting Farmland with Regional TDR

KC - Raging River Natural Area

KC - Shadow Lake Additions

KC - Snoqualmie Corridor Recreation Partnership

KC - Snoqualmie Valley Trail North Acquisition

KC - Tolt River Natural Area

KC - Vashon Golf Course

KC - Vashon - Southern Forest Feasibility

Parks Levy

PEL - Cover Letter

PEL - Summary 

PEL - Big Beach Natural Area

PEL - Black Diamond Open Space Addition

PEL - Cottage Lake and Cold Creek Natural Area Additions 

PEL - Cougar Mountain Park Additions

PEL - Eastside Rail Corridor - Wilburton Gap

PEL - Elliott Bridge Reach

PEL - Enumclaw Forested Foothills Trailhead

PEL - Frog Holler Forest

PEL - Island Forest Additions

PEL - Judd Creek Additions

PEL - Keevie Lake - Crisp Creek Acquisition

PEL - Lower Newaukum Creek Acquisitions

PEL - Middle Bear Creek Natural Area Additions

PEL - Middle Newaukum Creek Acquisition

PEL - Mitchell Hill Forest Additions

PEL - Mouth of Taylor Reach Natural Area

PEL - Patterson Creek Natural Area Addition

PEL - Pinnacle Peak Park Additions

PEL - Raging River Natural Area - Quarry Site

PEL - Snoqualmie Valley Trail North Acquisition

PEL - Snoqualmie Corridor Recreation Partnership

PEL - Tolt River Natural Area Additions 

PEL - Vashon - Southern Forest Feasibility

PEL - Vashon Golf Course Easement Acquisition

For more information contact Ingrid Lundin, Conservation Futures Coordinator