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Episode 8: "Trees"

Synopsis: This episode covers what you need to know about selecting, planting and caring for your tree from the roots up! Doug and Greg show you how to select the right tree for your yard, how to prune a tree, how to plant a tree, signs of an unhealthy tree and what you can do with wood once a tree is downed.

Trees Tips & Tricks: How to plant a tree

  1. Dig a bowl -- not a hole -- twice as big around as the roots and deep enough to cover the roots and root crown.
  2. Place the tree in the bowl and fan out the roots.
  3. Back fill the bowl with the native soil – not potting soil.
  4. Fill the soil up to the root crown.
  5. Water.
  6. Mulch around the tree, leaving a few inches around the trunk clear.

Signs of an unhealthy or hazardous tree

  • Mushrooms at base
  • Yellowing or loosing leaves
  • Roots exposed
  • Dying branches
  • Holes or decay

Storm Damage to Trees? Alternatives to burning or disposing of wood.

  • Create a brush pile for wildlife habitat
  • Create a snag (right) for wildlife habitat
  • Chip the wood for mulch
  • Make your own lumber
  • Let it be. If it's not posing a risk, leaving downed wood in your landscape creates a natural look and potential wildlife habitat

Show resources:

Northwest Native Plant Landscaping Guide

Urban Hardwood - (External link)

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