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Natural drainage

  • White House Conference on Green Infrastructure was hosted in 2012 by the White House Council on Environmental Quality and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to explore pathways to more broadly implement green infrastructure.
  • Portland, Oregon's Tabor to the River partnership integrates hundreds of sewer, green stormwater management, tree planting and other watershed projects to improve sewer system reliability, stop sewer backups in basements and street flooding, control combined sewer overflows (CSOs) to the Willamette River, and restore watershed health.
  • The City of Philadelphia's Green Streets program incorporates various green stormwater infrastructure tools to capture stormwater runoff from streets and sidewalks and infiltrate the runoff into the soil to recharge groundwater and surface water, thereby reducing the amount of polluted stormwater runoff going into Philadelphia’s combined sewer system and reducing combined sewer overflow events (CSOs).
  • The Brooklyn (New York) Waterfront Greenway is a key component in the city’s green infrastructure network. 

Janice Johnson
CSO Control Program