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Tours at the Vashon and Carnation Plants

Vashon and Carnation Treatment Plant tours are limited.  Please email us directly to inquire.


Brightwater Center and South Plant both offer tours to visitors of all ages.

Vashon Plant

The Vashon Treatment Plant, located on Vashon Island, treats wastewater from homes and businesses within the Vashon Sewer District.

The Vashon Sewer District contracted with King County in 1999 to take over operation of the Vashon Treatment Plant. King County constructed a new treatment plant (completed in 2006) next to the existing treatment plant.

Vashon Treatment Plant (May 2007)

Carnation Plant

The Carnation Treatment Plant, located in the City of Carnation, serves about 2,000 people in Carnation’s urban growth area, with capacity to serve up to 4,000 in 2030.

The Carnation Treatment Plant produces reclaimed water that is sent to the nearby Chinook Bend Natural Area for wetland enhancement.

Carnation Treatment Plant, 2009