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Learn how wastewater can be recycled into reusable water, energy, and nutrients for plants and soil. Tours encourage visitors to think about responsible water use, the products they use and how everyday choices can help protect Puget Sound.

Wastewater tours focus on the following topics:

  • Water cycle and nutrient cycle
  • Wastewater treatment and human health
  • Human impacts to water systems
  • Pollution prevention and water conservation

Tours for:

Individuals, families, and community groups of fewer than 10 people should register for an upcoming community treatment plant tour. This is also the best option for home school groups, Scout troops, and other non-school-affiliated groups of children ages 9 and over.

Visit the events page for a list of upcoming community tour opportunities and information about registration. 

Tours are available for groups of 10-25 people. Dates and times vary based on staff availability.

For tours of South Plant or West Point contact

For tours of Brightwater, Carnation or Vashon contact

General information

Cost Free
Tour length 2 hours (includes 30 minute introduction and walking tour)
Age minimum 9
Group size 10-25 people
Pre-registration Required for all groups, 2-4 weeks in advance. 
Dress code Tours take place outside and in an industrial setting; all visitors must dress appropriately and wear long pants and closed-toed shoes.
Accessibility For general tours, participants must be able to walk and travel up and down multiple levels of stairs. Accessible tours and accommodations are available with advance notice.
Other Tour groups must start and end the tour together. It is not possible to leave early.
See also Treatment plant tour general information  
South Plant aerial photo
Learn about King County’s Wheels to Water Program, which provides bus transportation for schools and community organizations to attend King County Wastewater Treatment Division programs.