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For the 2021-2022 school year, programs will be offered ON SCHOOL SITES that can be conducted outdoors or in classrooms. All programs are FREE 90-minute lessons that are NGSS aligned. We hope to once again provide field trip programs to our sites as allowed by schools and districts starting in 2022.

Clean Water Challenge(grades 4-5): This is a 90-minute program led by King County and Islandwood staff inside your school.  The lesson is NGSS aligned and focuses on our local wastewater system.  In this lesson students will investigate how we impact the water in our communities, discover what we are doing to clean it up and  what actions we can take to keep our water clean. Students will use the engineering design process to explore the impacts that humans have on our water system and will learn how the choices they make on a daily basis impact our water system. 

Stormwater in your Schoolyard (grades 3-5): This is a 90-minute program led by IslandWood and King County staff outside in your school yard. The lesson is NGSS aligned and site specific, building upon students' prior experiences and understanding of their schoolyard. Students will investigate how stormwater moves through their school yard, identify stormwater problems, and collaborate with their peers to design solutions. This lesson introduces students to concepts related to stormwater, the engineering solutions that were put in place at their school, the engineering design process and using scientific practices and skills in the student’s home community. Students identify areas in their schoolyard where they see or have seen stormwater issues, research those areas, and then use this knowledge to begin the process of developing a potential solution.  

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