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Currently, we are offering live virtual programs for all schools. We can provide a guest speaker to conduct in-classroom programs for low-income schools in south King County. All programs are 50-60 minutes and FREE of charge.

Introduction to Wastewater:  Have you ever wondered what happens to the water we use each day? Spoiler: It’s more complex than you would imagine, involving a lot of engineering and science. In this lesson, we will reveal the hidden world of wastewater treatment through a mix of visuals and conversations. Classes this supports: Environmental Science, Chemistry, Biology, Public Health, Engineering.

Introduction to Stormwater:  We will explore the biggest source of pollution to the Puget Sound: stormwater. Students will gain a deeper understanding of how the stormwater system works, the chemistry and ecological impact of stormwater runoff, and what we can do to limit its impacts in our local water bodies. Classes this supports: Environmental Science, Chemistry, Biology.

Careers in Clean Water:  Keeping waterways healthy within an urban environment is critical work, yet extremely challenging. From engineers to educators to electricians, it takes many types of jobs and skills to make it happen. This lesson will highlight the wide variety of careers available within wastewater treatment, including ones that are less obvious. The goal is to open more career possibilities and help participants realize there’s a place for them in government and environmental work. Classes this supports: Many! (*Prerequisite includes Introduction to Wastewater Lesson.)


**Registration is open!**  Programs can be scheduled starting the first week of October.

To register for a live virtual lesson, click here.

To request a guest speaker present in your classroom, click here. (*NOTE: Schools must be in south King County and have a low-income percentage of 50% or higher.)


For questions, contact