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For the 2021-2022 school year, programs will be offered ON SCHOOL SITES that can be conducted outdoors or in classrooms. All programs are FREE 60-90-minute lessons that are NGSS aligned.

Wastewater Engineers Program (grades 6-8):How do we impact the water in our communities? What are we doing to clean it up? What actions can we take to keep our water clean? Students will explore the impacts that humans have on our water system and will learn how the choices they make on a daily basis impact our water system.

Stormwater Solutions Program (grades 6-8): What happens to all that water when it rains? Can this water cause problems for our environment? How can we solve these problems? Students will investigate how stormwater moves, identify stormwater problems, and collaborate with their peers to think about solutions.

Registration for school programs will start the first week of September, check back then to register! For questions, contact