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The Industrial Pretreatment Newsletter contains information for those that discharge industrial wastewater to the King County sewer system or who are interested in the program.

Recent issues and articles

Spring 2018

  • Same Newsletter; New Look
  • Where is your annual fee estimate?
  • Field trips – not just for school kids
  • Report spills to the sewer - new poster coming your way
  • Clean Water Awards – The Envelope Please...
  • Updating Industrial Waste Fees: Next Steps
  • Industrial Waste Fees for Surcharge Customers
  • Companies that violate clean water rules receive penalties
  • Industrial Pretreatment Annual Report
  • EnvirOvation Award application deadline Nov. 1st

Winter 2017

  • KCIW Management Changes
  • KCIW Updates
  • Commitment to Compliance Award facility profiles
  • KCIW Fees Update
  • Companies that violate clean water rules receive penalties
  • High-Strength Waste Sampling

Summer 2017

  • Seattle’s Seawall Project Wins 2016 EnvirOvation Award
  • Clean Water Awards – The Envelope Please...
  • Changes, even small ones, can affect your permit!
  • Did you request a split sample from your King County Industrial Waste Specialist?
  • KCIW’s 2017 Fees and Charges
  • KCIW fees and charges (Effective January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018)
  • Future Updates to KCIW’s Fee Structure
  • Wastewater Treatment plants go ‘Platinum’ in 2016 

Fall 2016

  • How to report data below detection limits – new process
  • Focus on Fats, Oils and Grease - FOG
  • Mark Isaacson, New King County Wastewater Treatment Division Director
  • KCIW uses the Lean method to become more efficient
  • How to Avoid Penalties
  • New Information for Breweries Available Online

Summer 2016

  • Clean Water Awards - The Envelope Please...
  • KCIW Updates
  • Construction Dewatering
  • KCIW's 2016-17 Fees and Charges
  • KCIW Business Survey
  • How to Avoid Penalties
  • Find What You Need on KCIW's New Web Page 

Fall 2015

  • KCIW Communications Are Changing
  • KCIW Updates
  • Commitment-to-Compliance Winners’ Secrets of Success
  • How to Avoid Penalties
  • Celebrate your contribution to 50 years of clean water!

Summer 2015

  • Clean Water Awards – The Envelope Please…
  • Wastewater from Wineries
  • KCIW Updates
  • KCIW’s 2015-16 Fees and Charges
  • EnvirOvation Award application deadline Nov. 1
  • Sampling Terms
  • Companies Receive Penalties
  • Updating our communications to serve you better

Winter 2015

  • Fire in Fremont: Quick reporting and careful sampling to prevent pollution
  • KCIW Updates
  • Protect your split sample data
  • Pull-out poster: Emergency response for spills to sewer
  • Keep Water Clean at Work and Home
  • Looking ahead to 2015
  • Cleaning the Duwamish
  • Reduce Risks from emergencies: See our list of important tips

Fall 2014

  • KCIW’s new article: Loading Limits for Metals
  • KCIW Rewards and Recognition Program
  • KCIW Updates
  • The KCIW office is moving!
  • TIPS: Submitting KCIW self-monitoring reports
  • Regulatory update: New EPA Sufficiently Sensitive Test Methods Rule
  • Recent enforcement actions

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