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The purpose of the Energy PIan is to sustainably improve King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division’s (WTD) overall use and production of energy and its carbon footprint.

Cogeneration system at West Point Treatment Plant

Cogeneration system at the West Point Treatment Plant

As a Water Resources Utility of the Future, WTD recognizes the role it has to play in being a holistic environmental steward for generations to come. Reducing WTD’s carbon footprint is a high priority for the division, as WTD’s facilities are responsible for approximately 54 percent of King County government’s total facility energy use. Putting into practice the Energy Plan will help WTD meet its energy efficiency targets, increase its production and consumption of renewable energy sources, and reduce its carbon footprint.

The Energy Plan was developed through a staff-driven internal effort to guide WTD in achieving specific energy goals and targets. The goals and targets were developed by WTD and some are a part of the King County Strategic Climate Action Plan. The plan builds on WTD’s existing energy-related efforts and identifies strategies and recommendations through 2025.

Goals and targets

The following four goals and targets serve as the foundation of WTD’s Energy Plan:

  • Goal 1: Holistically Integrate Energy Awareness across WTD
    A target for this goal is for energy to be considered upfront and throughout the various steps and decision-making processes of comprehensive planning; capital project development and implementation; asset management efforts; and ongoing facility operations and maintenance.
  • Goal 2: Increase Energy Efficiency 
    The overall target is to reduce normalized energy use in WTD facilities by at least 7.5 percent by 2020 and 10 percent by 2025, as compared to a baseline year of 2014.
  • Goal 3: Produce and Use Renewable Energy 
    Targets for WTD’s facilities include consuming renewable energy equal to 70 percent of energy consumption by 2020 and 85 percent by 2025.
  • Goal 4: Achieve Carbon Neutrality in Operations and Purchasing 
    The target for this goal is to achieve carbon neutrality in operations by 2017 and in operations and purchasing by 2025.

Download the plan

Wastewater Treatment Division Energy Plan, 2018-2025

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