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Farms Report Cover - Future of Agriculture Realizing Meaningful SolutionsThe FARMS Report - Future of Agriculture Realizing Meaningful Solutions presents the findings of a study determining what measures King County and other agencies should take to ensure the continued success of our local agricultural economy. The report recommends measures during the next 10 years to reduce barriers and create support so that a viable future may be realized for agriculture.

This report is in response to Ordinance 16172, adopted in July 2008, which directed the Department of Natural Resources and Parks and the King County Agriculture Commission to anticipate needs for the future of agriculture in the Agricultural Production Districts (APDs) of King County.

The FARMS Report - Future of Agriculture, Realize Meaningful Solutions is offered in Adobe Acrobat format. For help using Acrobat, please visit our Acrobat help page.

Download document here:

Individual sections of the report can be downloaded below

Individual appendices can be downloaded below

For questions about the FARMS Report - Future of Agriculture Realizing Meaningful Solutions, please contact Steve Evans, Project Program Manager.