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Reduce property taxes by protecting forest resources
King County offers several incentive programs designed to benefit landowners who voluntarily protect forestland and other open space resources. Current incentive programs include the Timberland Program, the Public Benefit Rating System and the Designated Forest Land Current Use Taxation Program. Please refer to our Current Use Taxation pages to learn more about these programs including qualifications, how to apply, and who to contact.

Transfer development rights
The Transfer of Development Rights Program (TDR) enables owners of private property to buy and sell residential development rights where it benefits the general public. Qualifying lands include forest, farmland, open space, regional trails and designated urban separator lands and habitat for threatened or endangered species. Landowners receive financial compensation in return for relinquishing development rights. Although the land remains in private ownership, the public receives permanent preservation of land having high public interest value. Refer to the Transfer of Development Rights Program page to learn more about the TDR program including rules, how to apply, and staff experts who are available to help.

For questions about forestry services in King County, Washington, please contact Bill LoeberKing County Forestry Program.