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Thank you for your interest in the Lake Geneva Management District (LMD). The LMD will be administered by the King County Water and Land Resources Division with assistance from an Advisory Board. The LMD Board will meet twice per year to discuss current and ongoing activities in the District. The primary goals of the District are to:

  • Preserve lake water quality
  • Preserve public health status
  • Prevent future invasive aquatic plant infestations
  • Manage current invasive aquatic plant infestations
  • Manage aquatic debris
  • Educate and involve the Lake Geneva community
  • Manage the LMD

To be added to the Lake Geneva Management District email distribution list please contact Chris Knutson at

If you are interested in serving a term on the board please complete the King County Boards and Commissions Application (rich text format) and return to or mail to:

    Chris Knutson
    201 S Jackson St Suite #600
    Seattle, WA 98104

Lake Geneva Management District Meetings

Advisory Board meeting

November 30, 2021 5:00 p.m.

Public meeting

Presentation slides from September 2019 meeting

Presentation slides from May 2018 meeting

Presentation slides from October 2017 meeting

Outreach and educational materials

Lake Geneva Water Quality Report

Lake Geneva Management District 2017


The trouble with resident geese

Toxic algae

Northwest toxic algae

Lake best management practices and lake data

50 ways to love your lake

Green Shorelines

Lakeside Living: healthy lawns healthy lakes

Lakeside Living best management practices

Natural lawn care

Small lakes data and info

Hydrologic Information Center: select stage only gauge or water temperature

Lake Stewardship Program

Noxious weeds

Noxious Weed Program

Water weeds: guide to aquatic weeds in King County

Aquatic Vegetation Survey Results

WDFW pamphlet permit

For questions about the Lake Geneva Management District, please contact Chris Knutson , Project Manager, Lake Stewardship Program.