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DamMadsenBPAWater & Land Resources Division (WLRD) Stormwater Services Section is responsible for the maintenance and operation of dams that meet the Washington State Department of Ecology's dam safety requirements. Hazard Class 1 dams have emergency action plans that are updated annually with evacuation measures for at-risk homes and businesses downstream. In an extreme weather event, these dams will be monitored to the extent possible, based on the availability of staff, to ascertain their condition.

Factors that affect inspectors ability to inspect Hazard Class 1 dams include weather, roads, and bridge conditions. The amount of water held by the Hazard Class 1 dams and the potential impact to public safety affects the urgency of these inspections. Hazard Class 1 dam inspections may not be possible in time to notify residents in the inundation zones and communication may be impossible. Based on the distance to the nearest public impact and the flood wave travel times, the WLRD Director writes to residents in the inundation zones of selected Hazard Class 1 dams informing them of their personal responsibilities during such events.