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Cover, 2012 Surface Water Management Rate StudyThe King County 2012 Surface Water Management Rate Study assesses changes to program requirements and funding availability under the County’s surface water management fee. In particular, the study focuses on revising the existing rate adjustment (“discount”) program for non-residential parcels. The intent is to offer direct incentives to landowners to encourage them to better control stormwater runoff and improve water quality on private property.

The study also evaluates projections for decreased revenues to fund SWM programs as cities annex the more densely populated areas of unincorporated King County, concurrent with more stringent requirements for the state permit that governs county management of stormwater runoff and water quality in the unincorporated area. The King County Water and Land Resources Division has assessed revenue requirements to implement the new permit while continuing other critical rural SWM-funded programs in the face of annexations.

The King County 2012 Surface Water Management Rate Study is provided in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. For help using Acrobat, please see our Acrobat help page.

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For more information about the King County 2012 Surface Water Management Rate Study, please contact Jane Lamensdorf-Bucher, Special Projects Coordinator, Water and Land Resources Division.