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The links below refer primarily to external websites and have been selected as the most useful for managing stormwater in King County, Washington.

General information

Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) Stormwater Program
An overview of Ecology's stormwater management requirements.

Ecology Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington
Ecology's 2005 revisions

Regulatory and technical resources

EPA NPDES Stormwater Regulations
EPA, in coordination with States, implements, and conducts oversight of the NPDES permit program based on statutory requirements contained in the Clean Water Act and associated regulatory requirements.

Ecology Stormwater Permits
Ecology has issued Stormwater Permits for systems in Washington State.

Best Management Practices (BMP) Database
Under a cooperative agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) developed a national database of BMPs.

EPA Menu of BMPs
EPA developed a menu of BMPs (as guidance only) for regulated small MS4s as to the types of practices they could use to develop and implement their storm water management programs.

Washington Stormwater Center
Provides tools for stormwater management, supporting municipalities, stormwater permittees, and businesses in their efforts to control stormwater and protect water quality, including the updated Illicit Connection & Illicit Discharge Field Screening and Source Tracing Guidance Manual.

Ecology Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington
Ecology's August 2005 Revisions

Resource organizations and associations

Local Government Environmental Assistance Network (LGEAN)
LGEAN provides environmental management, planning, funding, and regulatory information for local government officials and staff.

Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington (MRSC) - Storm and Surface Water Management

Water Environment Federation

American Water Works Association

Puget Sound Partnership
The Puget Sound Partnership is a community effort of citizens, governments, tribes, scientists and businesses working together to restore and protect Puget Sound.

Puget Sound Starts Here
Partnership of 57 cities and counties dedicated to improving water quality in Puget Sound and our local lakes, rivers and streams.

King County public programs

Department of Natural Resources and Parks school resources
The Department of Natural Resources and Parks has developed educational resources for teachers and students to use. The topics cover a broad range of environmental programs.

Other environmental and water related topics

Flood services
King County's flood services and information site - with information on flood warnings, flood hazard maps, road closures, precipitation data, and hints to help you prepare for floods and winter storms.

Lakes and beaches
King County's lakes site - with descriptions of the various lake monitoring and lake management programs that King County staff are involved in.

King County's wastewater treatment services

Seattle Public Utilities Drinking Water and Drinking Water Quality
Seattle Public Utilities provides drinking water to 1.4 million people in the region, on a retail and wholesale basis.

For questions about the stormwater website, please contact Blair Scott, Water Quality Planner, King County Stormwater Services Section.