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Cedar River

Cedar River Watershed
City of Seattle's source of drinking water.

Cedar River Council
Public-private community group that promotes the health of the Cedar River Basin focusing on lower basin issues.

Friends of Cedar River Watershed
Local community group dedicated to protecting and enhancing the Cedar River Watershed. Provides information about the group and how to get involved, a page for kids, and educational information about the watershed such as plants and animals, history, and recreational opportunities.

Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation
Works to foster awareness, understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of the area's natural environment; and by preserving and enhancing parks and open spaces.

Top 10 watershed lessons learned, US EPA
EPA, in partnership with many others, has been pursuing a watershed approach to protecting our lakes, rivers, wetlands, estuaries, and streams. Watershed Lessons Learned is an attempt to identify the top important lessons have been learned by us and our many partners that are worth sharing and present them in one place.  (older but relevant)

Lake Washington

Protecting Our Waterways - City of Bellevue
Streams, lakes and wetlands, keeping waterways clean, Stream Team volunteer program, invasive aquatic species and the Kelsey Creek Cam.

Lake Forest Park Foundation
Overview of the city's work to manage stormwater and provide tips for residents to help.

Eastside Audubon

Bellevue/Issaquah Trout Unlimited