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For non-emergency land and water stewardship questions or issues in the Miller and Walker Creeks basin, contact:

Matt Goehring
Miller/Walker Creek Basin Steward

Basin stewardship services in the Miller/Walker Creek basin are jointly funded by the City of Burien, City of Normandy Park, City of SeaTac, King County, and the Port of Seattle.

Emergency Response Contacts


Emergency: 911

Washington State Department of Ecology: 425-649-7000

U.S. Coast Guard (marine waters): 206-217-6232

Fish/Wildlife Kills

Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife: 425-775-1311

Washington State Department of Ecology: 425-649-7000

Code Enforcement

Contact the following for questions about clearing of vegetation, modification of streams or wetlands, and illegal dumping:

City of Burien – Jim Bibby: 206-248-5507 (during weekends/holidays/non-business hours, contact the police non-emergency number: 206-296-3311)

City of Normandy Park – Community Development Department: 206-248-8249 (during weekends/holidays/non-business hours, contact the police non-emergency number: 206-248-7600)

City of SeaTac – Barbara Canfield: 206-973-4756 (during weekends/holidays/non-business hours, contact the police non-emergency number: 206-296-3311)

King County (White Center) – 206-296-6680 (during weekends/holidays/non-business hours: 1-888-437-4771) or visit King County Code Enforcement

Drainage and Water Quality Investigation

Call the following numbers for questions about localized flooding/drainage and water quality (other than spills):

City of Burien – 206-439-3154

City of Normandy Park – Public Works Department: 206-248-8278

City of SeaTac – 206-973-4770 (during weekends/holidays/non-business hours, contact: 206-296-8100)

King County (White Center) – 206-477-4811 or visit King County Drainage Services

SeaTac International Airport Water-Related Issues

Port of Seattle – Bob Duffner,, 206-787-5528

Basin Plan Project Partners/Contacts

The following are representatives of the partner agencies that participate in the Miller-Walker Basin Stewardship program:

City of Burien

Maiya Andrews

City of Normandy Park

Amanda Leon

City of SeaTac

Don Robinett

Port of Seattle

Bob Duffner

King County

Curt Crawford

King County Stormwater Page
King County Central Puget Sound Watershed Page

Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)

Susan Everett

WSDOT Environmental Affairs Web Page

On behalf of the partners, this page is proudly hosted by King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks - Water and Land Resources Division.

Miller and Walker Basin Stewardship Sponsoring Jurisdictions

Miller-Walker Creek Questions

  • Contact Matt Goehring with questions about Miller and Walker Creeks

Lake Burien Questions

  • Direct questions about Lake Burien, including toxic algae testing, to Chris Knutson, 206-477-4739