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Normative Flow Studies Science Review teamThe Normative Flow Studies Project has benefited from the involvement of a Science Review Team (SRT) of nationally-known technical experts, as well as the participation of tribal governments and regulatory agencies.

The SRT includes experts in hydrology, ecology, and fish biology to provide conceptual guidance and peer review for this project. Summaries of the SRT meetings are provided below, along with more information about each SRT member:

Science Review Team meeting reports

Science Review Team members

  • Professor Derek Booth, University of Washington
  • Robert Milhous, Ph.D, United States Geologic Survey
  • Professor LeRoy Poff, Colorado State University
  • Chris Frissell, Pacific Rivers Council

Participating tribal governments and regulatory agencies

King County has invited tribal governments and regulatory agencies to take part in project scoping and the development of technical products. The following tribes and agencies have participated in project scoping and product review, and have also provided input on the the potential implications of the technical results for King County’s policies and programs. Participating tribal governments and regulatory agencies include:

For information about the Normative Flow Studies, please contact Curtis DeGasperi, Hydrologist, WLR Science, Monitoring and Data Management Section.