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Stewardship in Action emblemIn 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency awarded King County a grant to improve environmental conditions in Raging River and Patterson Creek watersheds. This project, renamed Stewardship in Action, or SIA, had the following goals:

  • Assist landowners by providing customized education, technical assistance and incentives to engage in Best Management Practices that would restore or enhance portions of their properties.
  • Create “critical mass” by providing assistance to a large number of connected properties.
  • Create a sustainable model that would outlast the life of the project and that could be replicated within other watersheds and by other municipalities.
  • Evaluate and document the effectiveness of this highly focused, non-traditional approach to landowner empowered stewardship.

Some accomplishments included:

  • 128 parcels were visited and provided with stewardship technical assistance.
  • 79 parcels (62% of those visited) containing 683 acres completed known stewardship activities within the grant period.
  • 48 different landowners used SiA provided cost share assistance to complete their projects

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Download report here:

For more information about the Highly Focused Stewardship in the Snoqualmie River, please contact Greg Rabourn, Community Stewardship Specialist, WLR Watershed Stewardship Unit.