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White River Land Acquisition Evaluation Report

Cover - 2002 Land Acquisition Evaluation ReportThe White River Land Acquisition Evaluation Report was was prepared in response to a 2001 King County budget appropriation. The purpose of the report is to review the feasibility of King County acquiring property along the White River corridor and to provide specific recommendations for potential acquisitions. The area included in the evaluation extends from the Auburn Game Farm Wilderness Park upstream to the Puget Sound Energy Diversion dam, which is approximately a 16-mile corridor of the White River lying between the Cities of Auburn and Enumclaw.

The report recommends the purchase of three key parcels, totaling 11 acres of land lying adjacent to the confluence of the White River and Boise Creek. Acquisition of these parcels achieve multiple benefits, including the protection of existing natural resources, the reduction of flood hazards and the future restoration of salmon habitat.

The White River Land Acquisition Evaluation Report is available in Adobe Acrobat format. For help using Acrobat files, please visit our Acrobat help page. The document is available in parts to reduce download time and minimize computer problems during and after download.

An appendix containing reference material cited in the White River Land Acquisition Evaluation Report is available in printed copy and can be requested from the King County Water and Land Resources Division at (206) 296-6519.

Download Here:

Cover (148 Kb)

Land Acquisition Evaluation Report for the White River Corridor (140 Kb)