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Maps and map applications of all types—interactive map viewers, downloadable maps, map collections and more—from all around King County government.

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Map apps — interactive map-based applications


These maps offer interactive functions that go beyond simple map navigation, such as queries, searches, information pop-ups, etc.

Adopt-A-Road Map

Cedar River flood level viewer

Combined sewer overflow (CSO) status

Farmland Preservation Program

Find my districts

Flooding services: Flood Photo Viewer (use this link to see instructions on how to view flood photos in iMap)

Flooding services: Sandbag Distribution Location Viewer

Groundwater Well Viewer

Hydrologic Information Center gage map

King County iMap

King County Lake Stewardship: Lakes Data and Descriptions application

King County Voter Turnout by Precinct

Levees and Revetments

Lidar Swipe map viewer

Metro Transit System Map Viewer

Metro Transit Tracker (real-time bus locations)

Metro Transit Trip Planner: Desktop | Mobile

My Commute (road alerts)

ORCA Business Passport Zone Cost Estimator map

Parcel Viewer (Classic and 2.0)

ParkFinder (launch the app)

Puget Sound Fresh: Farmers Market Map

Puget Sound Fresh: Fresh Farm Map

Snoqualmie Watershed Riparian Photo Viewer

Swimming beach monitoring

TDR property map viewer / Sustainable building, Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Program

Traffic counts

Veterans and Human Services Levy Funded Service Sites

Simple web maps


These maps may be presented as a static image posted on a webpage, or in a simple viewer which has interactive functions that are limited to panning and zooming.

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) locations

Downtown Seattle government offices

Protected farmland map

Wastewater treatment service area and facilities

Printed maps


These are maps that have been printed in quantity for public distribution. Each is also available for viewing and downloading as a PDF file. The link destination may include information about how to acquire printed copies, if still in stock.

Get Around U-District and Capitol Hill

Regional Trails in King County

Regional Transit Map Book (published by and posted here courtesy of Sound Transit)

Road Services Map and Records Center (Free hard copies of the Regional Trails in King County map is available here while supplies last.)

PDF maps


Maps in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) can be viewed in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader application which is already installed on most desktop computers. It is also available as a free download (external link). The following is only a selected list of PDF maps. The majority of maps that are available on the King County web pages that have multiple map links are available as PDFs.

Annexations: Interim Potential Annexation Areas

Backcountry Trails Map Brochure Series

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) locations

Downtown Seattle government offices (includes links to PDFs of the basic map and an ADA accessibility map)

Get Around Auburn
Get Around Federal Way
Get Around Kent
Get Around U-District and Capitol Hill

Marymoor Park

Metro Transit maps

Regional Transit Map Book (published by and posted here courtesy of Sound Transit)

Virtual Map Counter

Geospatial PDF maps


Like standard PDF maps, geospatial PDF maps can be viewed in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader application. Reader includes some simple map tools, such as a tool for measuring distances. Geospatial PDFs can also be viewed on Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) using a free app called PDF Maps (external link). PDF Maps includes a variety of tools for geolocation, measurement, and data collection and export. A beta version of the app (external link) for Android devices is now available.

Get Around U-District and Capitol Hill

Downtown Metro Service Frequent Routes map

Map links pages

Map look-up


These few websites offer a method for searching specific map collections.

eMap Search / quarter-section maps

Road Services Map Vault

Counter service


This location offers personal drop-in service three days a week during business hours.

Road Services Map and Records Center

Physical archive


King County locations that offer access to archived hard-copy maps and other documents.

King County Archives (by appointment only)

Road Services Map and Records Center


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