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Most King County offices will be closed on Monday, May 28, for Memorial Day.  
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King County GIS Center
201 S Jackson St
Seattle, WA 98104

How to find us

For questions about iMap, Parcel Viewer, and general operations, please email to This mailbox is monitored Monday through Friday, 8am–5pm.

For training-related questions, please use

KCGIS Center Management & Administration
George Horning 206-477-4401 KCGIS Center Manager
Greg Babinski 206-477-4402 Marketing and Business Development Manager
Dennis Higgins 206-477-4415 Spatial Services Manager
Mike Leathers 206-477-4403 GIS Data Coordinator
Greg Stought 206-477-4409 Spatial Services Manager
Technical Staff
Crystal Bach 206-477-4468
Trang Bui 206-477-5750
Debbie Bull 206-477-4407
Adam Cabrera 206-477-4406
Yuko Caras 206-477-4410
Toni Carpenter 206-477-4418
Shari Cross 206-477-4467
Janise Fessenden 206-477-4918
Gunnar Goerlitz 206-477-5736
Gavin Gray 206-477-4416
Jeffery Gregg 206-477-3520
Victor High 206-477-4408
Patrick Jankanish 206-477-4419
Michael Jenkins 206-477-4455
Harkeerat Kang 206-477-4414
Peter Keum 206-477-4464
Matt Kozleski 206-477-5743
Todd Klinka 206-477-4412
Chris Landback 206-477-4411
Paul McCombs 206-477-4514
Shaun O'Neil 206-477-4432
David Ostanski 206-477-4405
Lisa Owen 206-477-3521
Evelyn Torres 206-477-4907
Mary Ullrich 206-477-4420
Frank Whitman 206-477-4404