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Half-Day Class
3.5 hours

Registration & fee required

Continuing education units (CEUs): 0.35

GISCI educational achievement points: 0.0875

The GIS Academy is eligible for GI Bill education and training benefits.

King Street Center,
Computer Training Room

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October 26, 2018
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As ArcGIS analysis techniques become more robust and specialized, they also become more and more complex. Many basic features become obscured in the nearly overwhelming environment of toolbars and toolboxes. This half-day class is a survey of the Analysis Tools toolbox in ArcToolbox, which provides a powerful set of tools to perform the various geoprocessing operations on all types of vector data. The instructor will conduct a detailed walk-through of each tool in the toolbox with demonstrations of the most widely applied tools. The course culminates in an exercise designed to show in detail how to use the analysis tools to create meaningful data and reports.

The class authors and instructors regularly apply the techniques taught in this class to a large and complex data set. They know what works, what doesn't, and how to make the best use of time spent while doing GIS analysis; they impart that knowledge to the students in a straightforward manner with demonstrations and hands-on exercises that use real-world (King County) data.


Effective Analysis is designed for GIS users who want to improve their analysis techniques.

Activities and Goals

  • Extract features and attributes from a feature class or a table based on attribute queries or spatial extraction and store them in a new shapefile or geodatabase feature class.
  • Overlay multiple feature classes to combine, erase, or update spatial features into a new feature class.
  • Determine the proximity of spatial features within a feature class or between two feature classes.
  • Perform standard statistical analysis on attribute data.

Topics Covered

  • Extraction tools: Clip, Select, Split, Table Select
  • Overlay tools: Identity, Intersect, Union, Update
  • Proximity tools: Buffer, Near, Point Distance
  • Statistical tools: Frequency, Summary Statistics

Prerequisites and Recommendations

Students should have knowledge of Microsoft Windows® and be familiar with the basic use of ArcGIS, including the topics covered in Fundamentals of ArcGIS and Intermediate GIS Concepts.

What You Will Receive

  • 3.5 hours of instruction from a subject-matter expert and Academy class author.
  • Use of a student PC while in class, with appropriate GIS software and access to training data.
  • A copy of the class training material.

Our Students Speak

Helped me with filling in my knowledge gaps for the analysis toolbox”