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One-Hour Workshop
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No cost, reservation required
open to King County and City of Seattle employees only

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You don’t need to be a GIS user to take advantage of King County’s extensive collection of aerial-photo imagery. Pictometry® is a company from which King County has acquired a set of high-resolution oblique (sideways-looking) and orthogonal (straight-down-looking) aerial photographs every two years beginning in 2005. King County employees (and employees of the Puget Sound area agencies and jurisdictions who participate in funding the Pictometry aerial imagery acquisition projects) can access this imagery using several tools provided by Pictometry. Workshop attendees will learn how via a hands-on tutorial.

The Workshop in Depth

Three distinct methods for accessing and using the Pictometry aerial imagery will be covered in this workshop.

First, the Pictometry aerial imagery in the King County collection is accessible through PictometryOnline™ (POL), a web-based technology that is available to any King County employee (and other qualified users). With POL you can search for a location by address or parcel number and then see a straight-down aerial view of that location plus oblique aerial views from four different directions, all for multiple time periods. The POL viewer also provides measuring tools so that you can calculate building heights, surface areas, and even roof pitch. Tools for sketching and annotation give you the ability to mock-up simple maps for printing or export.

Second, for those who would like full access to the King County Pictometry image libraries through a simpler interface, a key subset of POL’s search and query tools is available in an easy-to-use, lightweight version of POL called CONNECTExplorer™.

Finally, ArcGIS users can access all of King County's Pictometry image libraries from within ArcMap using Pictometry® for ArcGIS Desktop - Connect, the Pictometry extension for ArcGIS. This fully integrated environment lets you to view Pictometry obliques in a separate window linked to your main ArcMap window. You can even load oblique images into your main map window where they will be automatically warped and aligned to precisely overlay vector data (or other raster data) as displayed in the standard orthogonal map view. A menu of tools provides functionality similar to POL, and other options let you customize your ArcMap Pictometry interface.

The workshop will begin with brief demonstrations of Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop and CONNECTExplorer. Participants will then work with the flagship tool, PictometryOnline. The full breadth of functionality will be introduced, along with opportunities to try out several search, analysis, measurement, and annotation tools.


King County employees who need to learn how to access aerial imagery. Employees of cost-share members for the most recent Pictometry aerial imagery acquisition project (currently, only City of Seattle employees) may attend.


  • Learn about your options for accessing and using Pictometry oblique and orthogonal imagery.
  • Search for and find several locations around King County, and examine the locations from multiple aerial viewpoints and time periods.
  • Learn how to work with tools to analyze features visible in aerial photo images.
  • Learn how to annotate an aerial view with simple graphics and text and how to export the view.

Topics Covered

  • How to choose the best tool for accessing aerial imagery.
  • How to search for aerial imagery by location.
  • How to derive location information from aerial images.
  • How to use tools to analyze features, such as measuring building heights, calculating ground areas, etc.
  • How to make and export oblique and orthogonal aerial photo maps.

Prerequisites and Recommendations

To take full advantage of the tutorial exercise in this workshop, you must have a POL account created for you prior to the workshop. So when you register, please provide your first and last name, your email address, and the name of the King County department or other eligible agency (currently, City of Seattle employees only) for whom you work. There are no other prerequisites.