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One-Hour Workshop

No cost, reservation recommended
open to King County employees only (ArcMap users)

King Street Center (see room below)

Next date to be determined.


LibTool is the King County enterprise data access toolbar. It includes tools which provide "plain English" access to the vector and raster (image) data and tables housed in the enterprise SDE database. It also includes Parcel Tools, which provides easy access to Assessor's data and lets users select one or more parcels by a variety of methods. Finally, it includes tools to assist creating maps that meet King County Cartographic Standards.

Using LibTool is a brownbag workshop which focuses on how to use the various tools included with the enterprise toolbar LibTool.


Using LibTool is for internal King County ArcMap users.


  • Students will learn how to access King County Spatial Data (vector and imagery) and Assessor's tables using the tools included on the LibTool toolbar.
  • Students will learn how to use predefined layer groups and create their own.
  • Students will learn how to add standard King County elements (e.g. north arrow, disclaimer) to their map.

Topics Covered

  • Accessing spatial data using the Data Chooser and Image Chooser
  • Searching for and selecting parcels and joining and relating Assessor's tables using Parcel Tools
  • Accessing enterprise group layers and creating your own using the Group Chooser.
  • Quickly adding map components that adhere to the King County Cartographic Standards using "Add Map Elements."

Prerequisites and Recommendations

Basic ArcMap skills are assumed.