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Our training team members are all real-world users of the GIS software and techniques they teach so they know exactly how to address your work challenges and GIS education goals. Yes, our GIS training program includes a fully-equipped facility, solid curricula, and excellent workbooks, but it is our training team members who ensure that you have a great learning experience in our program.

Mary Ullrich

Training Coordinator, Author, and GIS Analyst

Mary UllrichMary is a GIS professional with eighteen years of experience in the industry. Her work has included GIS database design, analysis, mapping, and training curriculum development. Mary has been teaching GIS classes for ten years, during which time she has co-developed several custom classes and workshops for the King County GIS Center Training Program. Among Mary's particular areas of expertise are analysis and mapping of census data and the ArcGIS Online platform.

Mary holds a B.A. in Geography and Environmental Studies from Central Washington University. Prior to joining the staff of the King County GIS Center she worked for the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. Mary is a URISA Certified Workshop co-author and holds COMP TIA++ and Esri Desktop Associate certifications.

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Our students speak

Mary is an excellent instructor, constantly moving during the exercises from one student to another to ensure everyone was on track. In addition, she provided many good tips and shortcuts & help.
Thank you Mary! You are a great teacher who keeps the energy up in the room and makes learning GIS exciting.
Mary was a great teacher: funny and very knowledgeable.
Thank you, Mary! You are such an awesome instructor and brought humor into some of the more challenging lessons. I appreciate your patience, passion, and your willingness to share your extensive knowledge.

Greg Babinski, GISP

Finance & Marketing Manager, Author, and GIS Instructor

Greg BabinskiGreg has been with King County GIS since 1998. Prior to then he was GIS Supervisor of the East Bay Municipal Utility District in Oakland. He holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in Geography from Wayne State University. He is a URISA Certified Workshop author and instructor. He served on URISA’s Board of Directors for six years and was URISA President in 2011-2012.

Greg has written numerous articles about his original research into geospatial industry management, finance, budgeting, and marketing. He was the author of the original GIS Capability Maturity Model and coordinated its adoption by URISA in 2013. He was the founder of URISA’s GIS Management Institute Committee. Greg has received the URISA Leadership Award, the WAURISA Summit Award, and was named a ‘GIS Hero’ by ArcNews. Greg has spoken about GIS at conferences and events in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, and across Europe and Asia.

In his spare time he likes hiking steep, narrow, dangerous trails that lead high above the clouds to awesome views.

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Our students speak

Greg makes difficult concepts easy.
Instructor was engaging and encouraged questions, which is great.

Nicole Franklin

Chief Equity Officer, Department of Information Technology

Nicole FranklinNicole develops workable, pragmatic solutions to technology access problems faced by underserved communities. She serves as the chief equity officer for the King County Department of Information Technology, where she leads efforts to ensure social justice and equity in her workplace and community. She previously managed the department’s data center for two years and served as administrator of the organization’s enterprise business continuity program. She’s currently piloting a version of performance management with Esri with the goal of determining whether current equity actions are changing desired outcomes. She holds a master’s degree in demography from the University of Pennsylvania and bachelor degrees in computational and applied mathematics, sociology, and statistics from the University of Washington.

Dennis Higgins, GISP

Spatial Services Manager and GIS Analyst

Dennis HigginsDennis has worked for King County since 1993 as an intern, analyst, and since 2000 as a supervisor and project manager. He began in the Environmental Services Division of the Department of Development and Environmental Services (DDES). He worked on sensitive areas delineation and in the mid-1990s had a hand in creating King County’s original comprehensive plan documents. In 2000 he succeeded Steve Johnson, GIS Manager for King County Parks, shortly before Parks was combined with the Department of Natural Resources.

Since 2002, Dennis has supervised Client Services, now Spatial Services, for the King County GIS Center. In this capacity he manages a staff that is responsible for a wide variety of GIS projects, including rapid map production, analysis, custom cartography, data creation and maintenance, GIS training, and web application development for hundreds of clients from all over the Pacific Northwest.

Dennis has a B.A. in Geography (GIS emphasis) from the University of Washington in Seattle. He is a certified GIS Professional (GISP). Dennis has held Esri-Certified Trainer status in years past, and is a URISA Certified Workshop co-author and instructor. He occasionally is invited to hold seminars on GIS in Municipal Government at UW.    

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Patrick Jankanish

GIS Instructor, Senior Cartographer, and Author

Patrick JankanishPatrick Jankanish creates publication-quality map and graphic products for print and online media. Patrick has practiced innovative cartography for more than 40 years in academic, commercial consulting, freelance, and government settings. Whatever the subject matter—parks and recreation, earth sciences, the environment and natural resources, public policy and information, education, transportation, public infrastructure, and more—Patrick takes a holistic approach to cartography that combines bedrock cartographic theory, modern graphic design principles and techniques, always-evolving GIS and graphic arts technology, and the careful crafting of the written word, both linguistically and visually, to achieve effective and beautiful cartography.

Patrick has a B.A in Geography (cartography emphasis) from the University of Washington in Seattle. He is a URISA Certified Workshop author and instructor.

Our students speak

Great job.
Good presenter.
Patrick displayed great knowledge in the subject matter.