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About the Park: 

Known for the chorus of tree frogs in the area, the 112-acre Frog Holler Forest is the largest working forest on south Vashon Island in the Frog Holler neighborhood. Prior to public-ownership, the forest received certification for its sustainable management practices under the American Tree Farm System, while still allowing for community enjoyment of the 2.5 miles of trails within the forest. Frog Holler also has a 5-acre pasture once grazed by sheep, goats and horses. 



Camp Sealth 

Vashon Forest Stewards

Vashon Maury Island Horse Association

Vashon-Maury Island Land TrustFrog Holler 

Vashon Nature Center 


Park Activities: big open field, dog walking, hiking, horse riding, mountain bike riding

Location: 25916 Wax Orchard Rd SW, Vashon Island, one-half mile south of Bates Road and one-third mile north of Camp Sealth Road.

Nearby Bus Stops: 118along Vashon Highway SW. 

Parking: Park on shoulder of Wax Orchard Rd SW.

Trailheads: on Wax Orchard Rd SW, north of SW 261 Pl



Frog Holler Park Map


Park History:

Frog Holler Forest was acquired in December 2016 with funding from the Washington State Department of Ecology, Conservation Futures funding, and the King County Parks, Trails and Open Space Replacement Levy.


Relevant Links:

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