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Organics regional summits

Learn about King County Solid Waste Division’s organics regional summits. These ongoing events focus on regional organics planning. Participants work together to address barriers, challenges, and opportunities to increase organics recycling.

Our regional organics summits began in 2019 with two full-day events. Participants included over 50 representatives from different groups and organizations including:

  • King County government
  • City governments
  • Composters
  • Waste haulers
  • Landscapers
  • Universities
  • Regulators
  • Nongovernmental organization
  • Tribes

Together, participants drafted a vision statement to guide the work on compost and organic material management:

Organic material is prevented, reduced, recycled and ultimately reused locally, creating a self-sustaining regional organics system that minimizes waste, promotes healthier soils and protects the environment.